Travel Day Essentials

Traveling has always been a huge part of my life, and so far I have been to 20 countries. Along with the beautiful views, famous landmarks, and new adventures, comes the travel days. Airports have always been my favorite, airplanes are not. For some reason turbulence really gets me, and being trapped in a seat for hours on end is no longer fun.

I have been on some pretty long flights, and these things have helped me survive them. Everything below is always packed in my carry on, and are essentials for my travel days. Some things are linked, and I highly recommend checking them out!

  1. Seat cushion: I tend to get extreme pain when sitting for a long time, and on planes it’s always horrible. This cushion relieves a lot of the pain, and makes the seat feel much more comfortable.
  2. Lip balm/chapstick: This is an essential that I always bring with me when traveling. The change in climate/air pressure always dries me out, and I reapply so many times.
  3. A long book: I usually read on my kindle since it’s lighter, but a book is definitely a must for me. At some point, I get sick of watching movies on those tiny screens and a good book can have me entertained for hours.
  4. My journal: I just recently started using a bullet journal, but I also bring my regular journal along. I love writing about my days, crossing things off my bucket list, and brainstorming blog ideas while on the plane!
  5. A sweatshirt: Planes are so cold. I wish I knew why, but every time I step onto a plane I am freezing. A sweatshirt is always a must for me, even if it’s the middle of summer!
  6. Headphones: I always listen to music on planes, or use them for watching movies. These are also essentials for long layovers in airports.
  7. Gum: This is super useful for when your ears pop on planes, and is also great for freshening up once you land!
  8. Makeup remover: I tend to wear light makeup to the airport, but once I get on that plane, I want to remove it right away. I try not to have any makeup on for long periods of time, so this is a must.
  9. Socks/slippers: One of the first things I do when sitting down on a plane is slipping off my shoes, and putting on some socks and slippers. These are important for when going to the bathroom, and keep your feet warm and cozy when flying.

Let me know what you pack for your long flights down below! Wishing everyone a happy summer, and safe travels!



4 thoughts on “Travel Day Essentials

  1. Tiffany says:

    Great tips! Seat cushion is really a life-saver. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


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  2. The Mindful MD Mom says:

    These are great tips. Like you, a good book is a must! I also love to write so my journal or notebook is handy. Dressing in layers def helps. And something yummy to snack on while reading that great book.

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