What’s In My Carry On?

This summer, I have truly perfected the art of packing my carryon because I have gone on so many trips. In fact, I am in France visiting family as you read this. When going on long trips, with long airplane and car rides, what is in my carry on is essential to my entertainment and survival on the plane. I love watching these videos and reading blog posts like this, so I thought I would share with you what I keep in my carry on!


In my bag, I keep many little toiletries and bits and pieces that I will need easily accessible to me during the flight. In this little bag, I keep chapstick, gum, ear plugs, hair ties, and my retainer.


I always keep an extra outfit in my bag incase my suitcase gets lost on its way to my destination. This is something my mom has taught me since I have been very young, and it has come in handy sometimes. I also always carry a sweatshirt because it tends to get cold on flights, and socks or slippers to slip on once were in the air.


I carry all of my electronics in my carry on, so that they are on me at all times. On this specific trip, I brought my GoPro, my drone, my canon, my computer, and my kindle. I also have a huge bag full of chargers and wires. I also always have headphones handy on trips, for listening to music or for watching movies!


Books are an essential for me on long flights, so I keep them stowed away in my carryon. I also always bring a sudoku, a magazine, a deck of cards, and my journal. I also keep some pen and pencils in a pouch.


Airport food can be pricey, so I always try to bring some granola bars, or an applesauce with me on my trips.


Some other knick knacks I carry are my water bottle, my phone charger, some gum, a head pillow, a seat cushion, an eye mask, some ear plugs, and my glasses.

Let me know in the comments what  are some of your carry on essentials. Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


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