Being Addicted To My Phone

Ever since I was little, I have loved technology. I would always try to sneak as much TV and computer time as possible, and loved watching cartoons. When I received my first iPhone (in 8th grade), I became addicted. I loved all the social media apps, the games, and the freedom I had. To me, it was normal. All of my friends had iPhones and used them just as much, sometimes even more than I did.

Over the years, I would get in trouble for using it too much, for being on it at night, and for constantly being on my phone. This past year, I realized how much of my life I was wasting being on my phone all the time. Why was I so obsessed with what other people were posting and tweeting? I was wasting my time, when I could have been doing something fun or productive.

Smart phones are a huge problem in todays society. So many people rely on their phones and are glued to their screens all the time. I admit, scrolling through instagram is still a guilty pleasure of mine, but I do it a lot less than I used to.

Last spring, I deleted all social media from my phone. When I downloaded them back a few weeks later, I realized how I wasn’t really attached to them anymore. How I didn’t feel the need to check instagram and snapchat every two minutes. Now, I have the notifications turned off for all my social medias, and have deleted twitter.

The reason I deleted twitter is simple: I was using it as my main source of news and was getting all my information for what  was going on in the world from it. I have downloaded other news apps, and now spend 10 minutes reading the news every day instead.

I also am considering deleting my snapchat soon. I used to be obsessed with having streaks, and how many people viewed my story. Now, I barely check the app, and kind of think it’s a waste of my time.

Instead of being glued to my phone 24/7, I now have time to read, journal, and be productive. I get a lot more done. I still use my phone for texting and pictures, but I rely on it less for social media use. I highly recommend you turn your social media notifications off and see how much it affects your phone use.



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