Choosing The Right College For You

It took me a long time to decide where I wanted to go to school. It’s a huge decision and it’s a lot of pressure to decide where you’re going to live for the next few years of your life. But, when I finally stepped onto the pitt campus, I knew it was where I belonged. I know this isn’t the case for many people but let me take you through my thought process and how I decided which was the right school for me.

Choosing where to apply:

Choosing which schools to apply to is a tedious process, because of the amount of research you must do and the whole college visit experience. I highly recommend using, the College Board college search, a system that lets you input different criteria, and gives you a bunch of different schools that fit those options. From the list it gives you, you can research the schools and decide which ones to visit, and to apply to.

Narrowing it down:

After being accepted to a variety of different colleges, I recommend doing your research. It’s important for you to know everything from class size, to rankings, to campus location. Researching things that are important to you is another key point in narrowing down your list. Maybe one school doesn’t have the football team you wanted, or another doesn’t have the minor you’re thinking about. Knowing these things is essential in removing schools off your list.


When I walked on a campus, I knew immediately whether I liked the school or not. For many people, campus isn’t an important aspect for them. But for some, like me, it’s super important to live somewhere you’re going to love. Visiting the schools before you make your decision will really help you make your decision.

Making the decision:

Pulling the trigger, and choosing a college can be difficult for some because of all the stress, tension, and “what ifs” attached to that big decision. But, at the end of the day, if you’re unhappy at the school you choose, you always have the opportunity to transfer and maybe you’ll end up at your dream school. This is a big decision to make, and take your time figuring out where you want to go. But, I highly recommend choosing your school at least two weeks before the May first deadline, so that you’re less rushed in your decision.

Please share with me your college decisions below, were you happy with your choice?


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