Fears For The Future

In the fall I’ll be heading to college all on my own. It’s a huge change, but a big step forward towards my future. Already, I have had to make many big decisions regarding my school, my roommate, and my classes. It can be really scary taking this step in life, and I wanted to share with you some of my fears for college, and the future.

Struggling in my classes is a big concern of mine. What if I don’t get good grades, what    if I hate the classes I’m taking, what if my professor is horribly mean? I realize I will have to study much more in college than I did in high school, and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for that.

Using a community bathroom is also something I am nervous about. I like to be clean, and the concept of community bathrooms does not scream cleanliness to me. I know it will take some getting used to and that it is part of the college experience but I am not really looking forward to this one.

Finding my classes on the first day and being late to them is probably my biggest concern. I know this is probably a dumb thing to be nervous about, and that during my first week I will leave super early for all my classes, but being on time is a big concern of mine, and I really don’t want to make a bad first impression.

Not figuring out what career or major I want is another fear of mine. I know I have some time to figure this out, but I have done a lot of research and have no clue what I want to end up doing. The dream is to travel the world, make short films, and help people in need, but I know this is an ambitious plan and I need to work hard to achieve it.

Leaving my family and friends is probably the hardest thing about college. I am afraid to leave my mom, and know I will miss her every second of every day. It’s hard leaving someone who has been there through everything with you, and having to go off on your own. My friends will also be in college, and I know I will make new friends, but it still is hard to say goodbye. I’m hoping to keep in touch with them as best I can.

In regards to the earth and our country, I am afraid of the direction our country is heading, and the health of our earth. These are things I care deeply about, and I truly believe that if we don’t make a change now, things will continue to spiral very quickly downhill.

I know that once I step foot onto that campus things will become easier, but for now I am allowing myself to wonder and think about the future. Leaving for college is a huge step, and even though I’m nervous about some things, I am extremely excited for this new chapter in my life.



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