Missing Out

FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. This was something I struggled with my whole life. Anytime my friends would go out without me, even if I couldn’t hang out because I had dance class, or a doctors appointment, I would still stalk social media to see all the fun they were having without me. Thinking of all the jokes and memories I was missing out on made me extremely jealous.

Social media makes this a thousand times worse. The fact that we can instantly share what we are doing at any moment through snapchat and instagram, and broadcast it to the world, so you know what your missing out on all the time. From the beginning of my social media days I followed the crowd. I too posted pictures and videos on social media of my travels, and my friends hanging out together, so in some way I contributed to the madness. I still find myself scrolling through instagram as a guilty pleasure, and I love posting photos on instagram of my trips and my friends, and this is something I am working on. I do not need to share every little thing I do and broadcast it.

Only this past year have I learned to suppress my FOMO. Sometimes I still get jealous, and occasionally I still stalk social media to find out what my friends are doing at that exact moment, but mostly, I like to think I have my FOMO under control. I have learned that it is more important to live life in the moment, and to focus on the now. Life is about being here, right now, living your life, instead of focusing and worrying on what’s going on in other peoples lives.

If I ever get jealous and begin to pity myself over my friends doing something fun and me sitting home alone, I think to myself, “Well hey stupid, if you want to be doing something, than text on of your friends and go do something!” But, if no-one responds, I enjoy my alone time and appreciate the silence. I’ve learned it’s good to do that sometimes. And if you learn to enjoy it, and be productive, then maybe sometimes you’ll even be okay with turning down offers to go out.

All in all, I believe it’s important to learn not to feel like you’re missing out if theres nowhere you’d rather be. Why sulk over other people having a good time? What a waste of energy right?


One thought on “Missing Out

  1. untitled366 says:

    Fomo is something that affects all of us. I often see myself feeling it when I see any two of my friends together on Snapchat and I had no idea they were going to be, when I don’t have an exact right to know. I like to think it’s healthy in a way, that it shows we aren’t completely sociopathic 😂 great post!


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