Pack With Me – France 2018

In a few days, I am heading to Europe to spend some time with family and friends. We go on this trip each year for a few weeks so packing comes easy to me now, and I wanted to show you how I do it! This year, we are traveling for 3 weeks, so I need to pack quite a lot of clothes. We do have washing machines however, so keep that in mind. So sit back, relax, watch the video or read the post below!


2 jeans, 3 flowy pants

1 Long sleeve shirt and 2 flowy beach shirts

4 Tank tops

1 black romper, 2 jumpsuits

3 flowy shorts, 3 jean shorts

1 hat

1 drug rug

4 dresses

22 shirts:)

2 Pj shorts

4 Pj shirts


Essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, hair ties, deodorant),


Nike sneakers, Adidas, converse high tops, cute sandals, rainbow flip flops

I hope you guys enjoyed my first ever video/blog post combined, it’s definitely a work in progress, and something new that I’m trying.


What’s In My Carry On?

This summer, I have truly perfected the art of packing my carryon because I have gone on so many trips. In fact, I am in France visiting family as you read this. When going on long trips, with long airplane and car rides, what is in my carry on is essential to my entertainment and survival on the plane. I love watching these videos and reading blog posts like this, so I thought I would share with you what I keep in my carry on!


In my bag, I keep many little toiletries and bits and pieces that I will need easily accessible to me during the flight. In this little bag, I keep chapstick, gum, ear plugs, hair ties, and my retainer.


I always keep an extra outfit in my bag incase my suitcase gets lost on its way to my destination. This is something my mom has taught me since I have been very young, and it has come in handy sometimes. I also always carry a sweatshirt because it tends to get cold on flights, and socks or slippers to slip on once were in the air.


I carry all of my electronics in my carry on, so that they are on me at all times. On this specific trip, I brought my GoPro, my drone, my canon, my computer, and my kindle. I also have a huge bag full of chargers and wires. I also always have headphones handy on trips, for listening to music or for watching movies!


Books are an essential for me on long flights, so I keep them stowed away in my carryon. I also always bring a sudoku, a magazine, a deck of cards, and my journal. I also keep some pen and pencils in a pouch.


Airport food can be pricey, so I always try to bring some granola bars, or an applesauce with me on my trips.


Some other knick knacks I carry are my water bottle, my phone charger, some gum, a head pillow, a seat cushion, an eye mask, some ear plugs, and my glasses.

Let me know in the comments what  are some of your carry on essentials. Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


Travel Day Essentials

Traveling has always been a huge part of my life, and so far I have been to 20 countries. Along with the beautiful views, famous landmarks, and new adventures, comes the travel days. Airports have always been my favorite, airplanes are not. For some reason turbulence really gets me, and being trapped in a seat for hours on end is no longer fun.

I have been on some pretty long flights, and these things have helped me survive them. Everything below is always packed in my carry on, and are essentials for my travel days. Some things are linked, and I highly recommend checking them out!

  1. Seat cushion: I tend to get extreme pain when sitting for a long time, and on planes it’s always horrible. This cushion relieves a lot of the pain, and makes the seat feel much more comfortable.
  2. Lip balm/chapstick: This is an essential that I always bring with me when traveling. The change in climate/air pressure always dries me out, and I reapply so many times.
  3. A long book: I usually read on my kindle since it’s lighter, but a book is definitely a must for me. At some point, I get sick of watching movies on those tiny screens and a good book can have me entertained for hours.
  4. My journal: I just recently started using a bullet journal, but I also bring my regular journal along. I love writing about my days, crossing things off my bucket list, and brainstorming blog ideas while on the plane!
  5. A sweatshirt: Planes are so cold. I wish I knew why, but every time I step onto a plane I am freezing. A sweatshirt is always a must for me, even if it’s the middle of summer!
  6. Headphones: I always listen to music on planes, or use them for watching movies. These are also essentials for long layovers in airports.
  7. Gum: This is super useful for when your ears pop on planes, and is also great for freshening up once you land!
  8. Makeup remover: I tend to wear light makeup to the airport, but once I get on that plane, I want to remove it right away. I try not to have any makeup on for long periods of time, so this is a must.
  9. Socks/slippers: One of the first things I do when sitting down on a plane is slipping off my shoes, and putting on some socks and slippers. These are important for when going to the bathroom, and keep your feet warm and cozy when flying.

Let me know what you pack for your long flights down below! Wishing everyone a happy summer, and safe travels!



My Summer Reading List


Ever since I was young, I have been a book worm. I would receive books for Christmas and read them immediately under the Christmas tree, and my teacher would have to tear books out of my hands during class to get me to pay attention. Unfortunately, since I have been in school, I have had much less time to read for fun because I am constantly reading for my English classes. During the summer, I have the opportunity to read many many books and I love discovering new novels to read on the plane or lying on the beach.

I wanted to share with you some of the books I will be reading this summer and some I have already read and loved. Feel free to share some suggestions in the comments and I’d love to check them out!

Books I’ve already read:

Ready Player One: This is one of my all time favorite books and I’m currently rereading it because I love it so much. It was recommended to me by a friend and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi/futuristic books. It’s about a very poor boy who enters a video game competition inside a program called the OASIS, in which the prize is well over a billion dollars.

Lone wolf: This is a Jodi Picoult book and I am in love with her, you will see this when I do my favorite books of all times post. It follows the story of a man who lives with the wolves and has kind of abandoned his family for this new life. It follows the story of how he got into a car accident and how his family copes with the new situation they are in.

Water for elephants: Another one of my all time favorite books that I have read twice now. This book is about a Cornell educated vet who drops everything and joins the circus by accident. It’s the story of his time on the circus and is truly a page turner. The movie just came out too so I will be watching that soon!

Books I want to read:

Brave new world: is a story of a dystopian future where humans are genetically bred, and pharmaceutically anesthetized to uphold an authoritarian ruling order. This was recommended by a friend and seems like an interesting read.

Every Day: A has a condition in which he changes bodies every day, he must stay under the radar each time it happens, and leads a difficult body until he meets Rhiannon. This book was just made into a movie so will definitely check it out once I am done reading the book!

Moonrise: Ed is on death row. But now Ed’s execution date has been set, and Joe is determined to spend those last weeks with him, no matter what other people think. I’ve heard this book is heart-wrenching and that I will cry, so I have high expectations.

All the bright places: The story of two suicidal kids who meet each other and how they save each other. I’ve heard this is many peoples favorite book of all time so I am very excited to check it out!

We were liars: Sounds like a suspense novel about the lies upon lies between a wealthy family on an island? This one is a mystery to me.. I don’t really understand what   it’s about however I have heard raving reviews about it. If anyone knows anything about this novel let me know, because I am super curious.

Once and for all: This one sounds right up my alley. A love story where a wedding planner hasn’t met her true love but maybe he is standing right in front of her? Super excited to read this one and it’ll definitely be a page turner for me.


A Day In DC

A few days ago, my roomate and her friend came down from Ohio to hang out with me and her roomate for a few days. It was a coincidence that we lived so close together so they decided to come visit for a few days. One of the days we took a day trip down to DC which was super fun so I wanted to share what we did!


After riding the metro down, we visited the capitol building and took a few pictures. Despite living so close to DC, I had never been to the capitol and it is beautiful! Definitely something to see if you ever visit.


We headed to the air and space museum since it was free, and walked through a few exhibitions which were amazing. It’s so cool that they have actual planes and rockets from world war 2.

We headed to lunch and had nandos, since they don’t have it in ohio and it was delicious. Definitely one of my favorite places to eat.


We passed an Urban Outfitters and decided to walk around, and I loved all the clothes inside but it was pretty expensive for my taste. We then walked to the natural history museum which I loved. The exhibitions are all so amazing, and they had a special temporary exhibit on epidemic diseases which was so cool to walk through since I had taken a class on infectious diseases this past year in school.

Afterwards, we did a little shopping at Forever 21 and H&M, but again, I am practicing restraint and not buying any clothes at the moment, but it was still a fun girls trip!

Overall, it was a wonderful day, beautiful weather, and I had a great time. I 100% recommend DC to anyone who’s never been, and loved being a tourist for a day.


My June 2018 Favorites

As June comes to an end, I thought I would share with you some of the things I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this month. This includes beauty products, music, activities, youtubers, all kinds of things. I love reading these and finding new things to try out, so I thought I would share with you!


Miscellar cleansing water- This stuff is amazing. I bought it when looking for toner, and fell in love with it. It’s basically a cleanser that you don’t need to rinse off, and I use it twice a day to remove dirt and makeup! I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a good facial cleanser.

Kukui oil: I fell back in love with this a few days ago and am obsessed. I use this when brushing my hair, and it makes it feel so hydrated, and soft. It also smells so so good.



Adidas: I recently got these cute sneakers at nordstrom rack and I am in LOVE. I saw them when I went to France every year, and have always had a secret longing for them. They are so cute, and go with basically everything.


This month, I was obsessed with listening to Rascal Flatts, Dan and Shay, and Jason Aldean. If you’re not a country fan, I’m sorry, but I love these singers so much, and I had to prepare for concerts that I was attending! Country concerts are so fun and I’m always down to spontaneously decide to attend one. Below are some concert pictures:)


The Bucket List Family – This family has been a favorite of mine for a while now, and I love watching their videos. They travel the world with their three kids and share their travels with the world!

Kara and Nate – This channel is also a travel channel, but what can I say, I’m obsessed. Their videos always have me striving to make better quality content myself, and I’m always adding places to my bucket list when they drop new videos.

Yes Theory – This channel is one of my favorites of all time. The whole idea behind their videos is to seek discomfort, something that I am always striving to do. I definitely recommend them and hope everyone supports their message and helps grow their movement.

Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email what your current favorites are! I’m always trying to look for new music, products, and clothes and would love some reccomendations!


My Current Personal Goals

Each new year, I set a list of about 5 resolutions, and by the end of January, I have given up on all of them. At the beginning of the summer, I set a few goals for myself for this summer before college, and for the future. I think it’s important to set goals to have something to work towards, and it is so rewarding when you accomplish these goals. A few of these are short term goals, and a few are long term, which I am constantly trying to remember to work on.

  1. Drink more water – This is something that I’m trying to work on to help with my skin, as well as my overall health. I am constantly dehydrated.
  2. Do 10 pushups each day – So far, I am not doing too well with this one. My sister inspired this because she does 50 each day. 50!!!
  3. Keep up my youtube channel, start posting more consistently, and make higher quality videos.
  4. Post on this blog consistently as well. At this point, I am not trying to use this blog as a business, but more as a medium for self discovery. It’s somewhere I can write my thoughts, ideas, and adventures, and I am going to try to keep it up throughout college.
  5. Travel to 5 new countries during the four years I am in college.
  6. Volunteer more! Participate in volunteer and service clubs in school.
  7. Buy less clothes and things I don’t need. I am definitely an impulse buyer.

Those are my goals at the moment! Let me know about your long and short term goals in the comments, or shoot me an email. I am definitely working on building healthy and smart habits, and that is the motivation behind these goals.


My Bucket List – A Work in Progress

I’m a bucket list kind of person. I have always loved to travel and try new things and am  constantly striving to cross things off my bucket list. Usually, I have a summer bucket list, which has simple, fun things for me to complete with my friends, and I have a life bucket list with things that I hope to accomplish before I die. I’m hoping that this list will take me on new adventures, and it is constantly growing. So, here we go, in no particular order:

  1. Greece
  2. Great Wall of China
  3. Africa
  4. Scuba Diving
  5. California
  6. Live in the city
  7. Vietnam
  8. Thailand
  9. Take a dance class with Travis Wall
  10. Swim with sharks
  11. Disney world (again)
  12. Go skiing
  13. travel with friends
  14. Swim in the dead sea
  15. Move into a dorm!
  16. Aruba
  17. Costa Rica
  18. Swim with whales
  19. Go to carnival
  20. Stay in a capsule hotel
  21. Visit the pyramids
  22. Go to the olympics


Feel free to share some of your bucket list items in the comments, or send me an email! I’m always trying to grow my list:)


30 Things I Learned My Senior Year of High School

Senior year was a hard time for me. I expected it to be the best year of my life so far and it just… fell short. Junior year was definitely the best year of high school for me, and I had hoped senior year would surpass it, and for many reasons it didn’t. However, I did learn a lot from this past year, and I thought I would share.

  1. It’s not cool to act naive and rude. Just don’t do it.
  2. People could care less about the way you dress, or the way you look. (I spent way too much time worrying about this)
  3. Take classes you’re interested in, it’s so much more fun to learn if you enjoy class.
  4. Senioritis is so real.
  5. Stay on top of your college applications, you don’t want to write an essay the day of the deadline.
  6. Don’t be rude to teachers, talking during class is so disrespectful.
  7. Find your passion.
  8. Participate in clubs and sports, it’s a great way to make new best friends.
  9. Do your homework way before it’s due, it’s so much less stressful.
  10. Go to sporting events, support your friends, feel the school spirit.
  11. Time seems to slow down and speed up at the exact opposite times you wish they would, and it sucks sometimes.
  12. Graduation is boring.
  13. Get off your phone and hang out with your friends.
  14. Be unique, you don’t always have to wear the same clothes everyone else does, or do something because everyone else does it.
  15. Do what makes you happy always.
  16. Go on adventures.
  17. Time moves so fast. One day you’re a freshmen and don’t know your way around, and the next day you’re walking across that stage getting you’re diploma. You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, and soon you’re leaving the comfort of your home, your family, your friends.
  18. If a relationship with a friend is broken, and you have made an effort to fix it but it keeps falling apart and you’re unhappy, sometimes it’s okay to let them go.
  19. Seek wisdom.
  20. Learning is fun! It’s an amazing thing that we have all this information at our finger  tips. Be informed!
  21. Buy a yearbook!!
  22. Take lots of pictures and videos. Trust me
  23. Try new things, look at me , I’m writing a blog!
  24. Perseverance is key.
  25. Apply for jobs and internships, get your name out there, get new experiences.
  26. Learn from your mistakes.
  27. Walk on the right side of the hall. My god, it is not that hard.
  28. Make connections, you never know how they could help in the future.
  29. Cross things off your bucket list.
  30. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Even though this last year was not the best of my life, I had the opportunity to make new friends, learn new things, go on adventures, shadow doctors, and work through internships.

This year, I learned sooo much. And even though I’m relieved its over, I’m glad it happened. Senior year helped me grow as a person and helped shape me into the person I am today. All the people along this bumpy road, the teachers, coaches, friends, strangers, employers, family, they all helped me get to where I am now, and boy I am grateful for that.

If you are going into your senior year of high school, make the most of it, it goes by so fast.


The Dominican Republic

Three days ago, I got back from a trip to the Dominican Republic (Country 20!) with my family. It was truly an amazing trip, and I loved getting to meet new people, and experience the Dominican culture. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite parts of the trip, and why I loved the Dominican so much.

(As a side note, I made a video of our Dominican adventures which is up on my youtube channel, so go check it out! Dominican Trip 2018)

The first few days of our trip, we spent some time at the beach and at our resort. We stayed at the Paradisus Punta Cana which was beautiful, and I highly recommend it. The water was so clear and warm, and the weather was so nice. We also met a few families from the US, as well as from Chile, and got to learn about them and form some new friendships!

The first adventure we went on was to Santa Domingo, the capital city of the country. We stopped at Los Tres Ojos national park and saw some beautiful caves where movies such as Jurassic Park, and Tarzan were filmed. We then went to the Zona Colonial in the city, and I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant at first. It’s a very poor city and since my sister and I are tall, white girls we stood out, and got stared at and cat called a lot. However, it ended up being a really eye opening experience and I’m glad we had the chance to experience how the locals live and what their culture is like, which is something I try to do in every new country I visit.

The next adventure we went on was probably my favorite day of the entire week. We went on a tour to Los Haitises National Park which was about 3 hours from our resort. First, we took a truck up a mountain, which was kinda scary but so fun. The views from the top were so beautiful. Then we drove to a ranch where we had an authentic Dominican lunch which was delicious, the best meal of the whole trip, and we also got to jump off a waterfall. We then drove to the park and got on a catamaran. We got to ride through the mangroves and saw the rock formations in the bay. (One of only four places in the world that has this!) We also got to explore caves and see drawings done by Los Tainos which were pretty cool.

Finally, my favorite part about this trip was the staff at the resort. They were so kind and funny, and really made this experience wonderful for us. They danced with us at night, and I learned to merengue and bachata, which was 100% the highlight of my trip. Some of them didn’t speak English, so I got to practice my Spanish which was also so nice. I really really miss them, however we still communicate over facebook and WhatsApp.

The Dominican Republic was so beautiful and I definitely recommend it. I am hoping we get to go back soon. Have an amazing day!